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The context


Europe is a concept that is not accessible to a great number of its citizens because it is far and vague. A concrete experience of mobility like a Leonardo training is the opportunity to discover Europe and feel like being a part of it. 
For disabled youngsters, access to employment is very difficult. They have difficulties to access a job and need to enhance their profile, with professional trainings in Europe.
There are many organizations around young disabled and young people mobility, but each has its own expertise and they need to exchange their practices and expertise in order to make European mobility more accessible to young adults with disabilities.


The idea


Share of practices and development of projects in Europe around European mobility experiences for adults with special needs.
The general objective is to provide to organizations the necessary tools and skills to create projects that will enhance European mobility and professional inclusion opportunities for the public. Another general objective is to give disabled adults the opportunity to have a professional experience in Europe and then develop their professional skills as well as their social/European skills. 




This project was created during the Seminar organized by the Slovene agency in October 2011, on LLP for Adults with special needs. This seminar was created because the agencies discovered that :
1. this public could benefit more from the Lifelong Learning projects 
2. the grassroot organizations needed to cooperate more in order to make projects together.

Selected partners shared their experience in the field of projects for people with special needs and realized the fact, that in most cases there are no any standards of effective and disability respectful participation of people with special needs in organized Leonardo Mobility or other projects. There are no rules or standards, on how to organize equal participation of deaf and hard of hearing people, blind participants, participants in wheel chairs and other disability participants. 
The lack of standards sometimes scares representatives of different disabled organization from participation, as they are not aware of available support, or sometimes don't know how to justify their special needs. 
On the other hand, disabled organizations or participants don't feel like justifying as they except this justification as an excuse or a some kind of discrimination towards their participation.
These factors limit the participation of persons with special needs in any kind of European projects especially connected with mobilities.

Although, the objectives of the 2020 Strategy are quite clear: 15% of the adults should participate to Life long Leraning. And the share of early school leavers should be less than 10%. It is clear that we need to address also to Adults with Special Needs to achieve these aims. 

At the present time, 40% of Europe's population is facing a disability situation, but the current LLL projects do not count 40% of Adults with Special Needs. At the moment, it is quite difficult to identify.





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