About the Institute

The Institute for United Europe (Instytut dla Zjednoczonej Europy) is a non-profit organization whose main objects are both national and European. At national level it aims at initiating and organizing actions for equal opportunities for development especially between regions, social groups, rural and urban youth, and equalizing opportunities for the development of disabled people. On the other hand it supports activities aimed at developing cooperation between groups, organizations and local communities from different European Union countries in order to facilitate the integration and cohesion process.

The Institute is based in Warsaw but it operates nationwide with particular attention for rural and socially disadvantaged areas. It has been working in several Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig projects dealing with topics such as young people at risks, traditional handicrafts and people with disabilities. It organizes trainings mainly in the field of foreign languages and traditional handicrafts. In 2012 the Institute has started working on the topic of tourism. The first effect has been the creation of the project “Visegrad Wine Ruote”, a transnational wine route through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Rep. which has been funded by the Visegrad Fund.




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