Design your future


Design your future - Promotion of social inclusion for young people at risk

The partnership has the objective to develop projects for disadvantaged unemployed youths to promote their social inclusion through education, training and employment on the basis of local / regional / national requirements and resulting from local / regional / national needs and to implement these projects with the support of politicians and local / regional / national decision makers. These projects with different approaches and target groups (school dropouts, school-ing dropouts, youths in difficult social situations / environments, youths with immigrant background, drug addicts, drop outs and others) determined by local / regional / national characteristics, should make it possible in their diversity to postulate "European guidelines to promote social inclusion of disadvantaged youths". The results of the partnership will be further developed into an action instrument for regional, national and European policy-makers in a subsequent phase in an innovation transfer project in which these projects will be monitored and evaluated.



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