C.U.B.E. - Virtual Community Building by Exchanging New Approaches in Teaching

There are many rapid changes in today’s World, technological and social progress is continuously accelerating, increasing competition between countries and within them. In this context, change becomes a permanent phenomenon. If an organization, especially educational, does not raise the goal to go through the way of changes and will not meet the challenge of fast changing environment, it is doomed to stagnation.

Educational organizations are not isolated, public events and progresses regularly make influence to them. One of the key elements of change in today’s education is the acceptance and development of innovations, especially concerned with new technologies, their adaptation, qualification and both, technological and pedagogical, skills improvement. Partners, participating in the C.U.B.E. project agrees that today the flow of novations and technologies are particularly considerable and education institutions must be very insight while selecting the most effective and perspective novations, seeing its essence and analyzing how and what it can give to an organization and its staff.

The partnership project C.U.B.E aims to build the virtual adult educators community by exchanging approaches and methods also learning how to integrate modern technologies and tools into teaching different subjects, and to help educators to provide their lessons in attractive and motivating way.




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